Pet & Human Portrait Artist, Luke Bennett BA Hons

Luke Bennett BA Hons - wildlife, pet portrait & human portrait artist from Solihull...
Luke Bennett- wildlife, portrait and contemporary artist from Solihull
"Whilst I am full of admiration for the technical ability of anyone who can perfectly recreate real life images on a canvas, I, personally, feel that paintings should be far more interpretive in their look and nature.

I like to exaggerate colours, bringing out hues of a subject that the eye might not initially see, with a healthy mixture of quick, broad and rough brushstrokes, contrasted against more considered, finer details.

My style, I hope, treads the fine line between realism and impressionism. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction upon creating something pleasing to the eye and also the anticipation, escapism and therapeutic benefits felt during the creative process itself."

Currently developing his expertise in human and animal portraiture, as well as more contemporary subjects, the natural world provides Solihull based artist Luke Bennett with lots of great source material.
His original wildlife paintings and artwork demonstrate a genuine affection and respect for the subject matter.

Colourful, bold and fresh, Luke paints with enthusiasm.

"I find nature endlessly fascinating and inspiring, full of all kinds of colour, beauty and wonder. Animals make brilliantly interesting and characterful subjects, extremely pleasing aesthetically."

From a very early age, Luke Bennett has always held a keen interest in painting and drawing.
To this day, having always pursued an art-centric education (- studying Art and Design throughout school, college and then at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, before gaining a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Animation at Staffordshire University), his enthusiasm for putting pencil to paper and brush to canvas remains as strong as it ever has been.