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Up until recently I owned the domain,, on which I hosted a website that I designed and created after completing my degree in animation. It was intended to work as an online portfolio for my animation related output as I searched for employment in the industry.

Around about the same time I ended up needing more surgeries on my lungs and so those plans got pushed back and back. I kept the website though as I quite liked it and was pleased with its functionality for the most part (- the buttons and layout and look; yes. The blog section and how long it took to upload new content; not so much).

Also, I was convinced that at any point I'd get offered big bucks by some multinational energy company for the domain name, given how everyone was bleating on about carbon footprints and keeping track of how much you were killing the planet back then.
It turned out no one knew what a Carbon Scale was, or had any intention of making one and that no one really cared that much about the planet anyway...

So, after years of thinking "I should probably cancel my sub... I'll do it first thing tomorrow!", then forgetting, I've finally got round to doing so. As such, is no more. At the time of writing, in its initial guise as a Flash animation website anyway. Although wouldn't it be typical if someone finally invented a Carbon Scale (whatever that is) and suddenly the entire world decided that, actually, they did care, and that that domain was obviously the most sensible place to look for advice, and it created billions in advertising revenue and a paradigm shift in people's attitude towards the environment, tssk. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.

I thought it would be a shame not to preserve the website as it was somehow, so in the interests of posterity I've uploaded it here. There is some pixellation due to the dimension constraints of the page.

The showreel that would normally have been embedded in the showreel section within the website is now embedded further down this post should anyone wish to give it a watch.

I've barely done any proper animation since university, but I'm certain I'll return to it one day and create some funnies, if only for my own amusement.
I think Burt the flatulent cat burglar with tourrettes definitely has legs. Even if they are broken.