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September 2012 -
"Hi Luke,
I purchased one of your pieces of art at the Exhibition at the Heritage Weekend at Temple Balsall recently and I'm thrilled with it. It's called ' key [9704056] doesn't existWinter Woodland II' and I love the beautiful misty atmosphere and the scattering of snow under the winter trees.
It was only after I got it home that I realised it was at Hay wood, Baddesley Clinton, a place that I know well, so now I'm doubly pleased.

Many thanks, in admiration."

- Beverley Moynihan.

July 2012 -
"Your work is excellent. I live in Solihull, where do you exhibit your range of work? The picture of the lion was featured in July 20th Solihull News and included details of your website. I thought it was marvelous."
- G. Hopkins

June 2012 -
"My wife arranged for Luke to paint a picture of our dog Ella, as a surprise present. The perspective and colours are just perfect. They are so life like! He is a superb artist."
- L and J Hollick.

May 2012 -
"We were delighted with the painting of Lucy you produced. The likeness is tremendous and you've really captured her cheeky charm. Not only that but the quality of the painting is wonderful. Thank you so much!"
- E. Horton.

October 2015 -
"Hi Luke,

My father really liked the portrait and enjoyed having those happy memories returned to him on his 80th birthday.

I think he had forgotten those days.

How do you feel about painting the other photo of both my parents in time for Christmas?"

- F. Cabeza.

February 2016
"Hi Luke,
She love the painting. It made her cry!! Can't thank you enough for your time and effort in creating the perfect gift.

All the best"

- Mike

September 2017 -
"Dear Luke

I wanted to say a very big thank you for the painting. It's really an amazing and stunning piece of work. My husband really liked it! There's been so many positive comments, and we've had friends and family saying how alike the painting is to the picture and mandeep himself! One friend had such positive comments about the shading and facial tones.

My family have also been very impressed with your work, and it seems that they might also request a painting in the near future. I'll let you know when they decide.

Thank you for all your work, and I just wanted to share the wonderful comments that your work has received.

Have a lovely weekend ahead!"

- Kiran

October 2017 -
"Hi Luke,

Hope you are doing well! Still in love with our portrait of Koda - we have since moved house and also have a new addition to the family named Jaxx! He is our 4 month old Border Collie and is an absolute delight! We would love to commission a painting of him if you have the time at the moment? I have attached a picture of him so you can have a look of what he looks like ?? Will likely be this picture of him, however we are going to try and get some shots on our camera over the weekend to see if we can get a more forward facing position ?? Let me know if you have some time available and also what your pricing is like ?? It would be the same size canvas as Koda's (I think it is 16x12) and also with Acrylic paint and a coloured background also. Can't wait to hear from you!"

- Atlanta & Aaron